Alpaugh Elementary School

 Principal: Mrs. Danys Greenlee

Dear Alpaugh Elementary Academy Families and Friends;

I am very excited to announce a couple changes for this new school year.  First, you might have noticed, we’ve added “Academy” to the end of our school name.  According to the Oxford on-line dictionary, “Academy” means, “an institution of distinguished scholars that aims to promote and maintain high standards in education.”  The staff and I believe we work to educate “distinguished scholars,” therefore, our goal is to provide the best educational experience possible, to increase achievement of all students, provide access and education of 21st Century technology and skills, and to provide access to college and career possibilities to help all students fulfill their life dreams.  This is a great task and I believe we have the staff ready for this challenge to maintain high standards in education for all our students.

Secondly, we are in our new school! We are excited about welcoming our students back to brand-new classrooms.  Portions of the old school will still be used as the construction continues on the remaining areas of the new school (Kindergarten will still be in the old school and we will continue to use the cafeteria and District Offices.)  Please be patient with us as we work from two locations and work through the bugs of moving.  We are working as quickly and as hard as we can to make for a smooth transition.

Next, I am happy to announce the addition of a new 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Diana Delgado (she replaces Mrs. Moss).  Mrs. Delgado will be team teaching with Mr. Gil and will provide a new, positive educational experience for our 5th graders.  Mr. Juarez and Mr. Feldmann will be team teaching 2nd grade.  Mr. Juarez will also be teaching Spanish curriculum to the students.

This year we will start the Genius Hour Electives, 1-hour every Friday.  Students will have the opportunity to choose what they want to do for that hour (which can change each trimester).  The teachers have planned fun activities for students to choose from.  The students will be grouped K-2nd grade and 3rd – 6th grade for their Genius Hour Electives.  Teachers will be facilitating the electives.  We are excited and are confident students will be too!

As you can see, there is lots happening this year at Alpaugh Elementary Academy.  However, these plans also depend on the continued support of our parents and community.  I appreciate each one for all you have contributed in the past and I look forward to opportunities to talk with you and to have you join us this year as we plan, prepare and promote our students.  Thank you.

Welcome Back to School – 2016-2017!  I look forward to seeing you all!


Mrs. Danys Greenlee
Alpaugh Elementary Academy Principal