Governing Board

Board Meeting Agenda

The Alpaugh School's Governing Board is comprised of five elected community members who assist our district in delivering the best possible educational opportunities to our students. In addition to helping us establish effective district policies, they volunteer their time to helping district administrators set policy, hire and retain quality staff, and encourage parent involvement. Please view our School Board Policy Manual.

Board meetings are open to the public and are held monthly at:
5313 Road 39

Alpaugh, Ca 93201

Agendas will be posted not less than 72 hours prior to each board meeting. Board meeting agendas are available on the website, and hard copies are posted at the District Office at 5313 Road 39, Alpaugh, Ca.

Board of Trustees

Debra Gibbs, President
David Castodio, Clerk
Angelica Bontrager, Member
Kristy Mitchell, Member
Billy Mitchell, Member