Home of the Buffalos!

We believe  each student of every level will?

  • Encounter relevant and engaging curriculum aligned with state content standards and the Common Core Standards, which reflect the demands, expectations, and rigor of the real world.
  • Read, write, and compute consistently with the developmental characteristics of their skill level.

  •  Experience a variety of instructional strategies thoughtfully designed to accommodate different learning styles and special needs to enhance individual learning.

  • Encounter regular opportunities to build confidence and a positive self-concept through success in personal achievement.

  • Receive and work to attain a common core of knowledge and the life skills necessary to make the transition to the next level of education, training and/or a career.
  • Cooperation between home and school is critical to student success.

  • Participate in a school climate that is encouraging and nurturing and places student safety and achievement as its highest priorities.
  • The community at large has a responsibility for the success for all students attending school.
  •  Parents have a direct responsibility for the success of their student in school and must be committed to participate fully in their child’s education both in and out of school.
  • When the school, parents, and community share in the responsibility of education, it is essential to collaborate with each other to maximize time, money, and human resources.


Our Business is Education. Our Mission is Learning, and Our Goal is Achievement

 Our Mission:
 The mission of Alpaugh Unified School District is to meet the educational needs of each student.